About Sean

Sean is an artist born in 1992 and raised in Staten Island, NY. With His pale skin, dirty blonde hair, and never knowing what a fish tastes like on Christmas Eve, he never quite fit the stereotype. Being an only child, Sean had to rely on his imagination to get him through the day. Between sketch pads and cameras, he developed a love for story telling.

Having grown up a boat ride away from one of the most creative and influential cities in the world, he knew he wanted to take a chance in the arts. Also, living minutes away from both the Staten Island dump and New Jersey smog may have caused the chemical imbalances within Sean’s brain to actually pursue said path. 

He graduated from The College of Staten Island with a BFA in Cinema Production. He’s also taken a Continuing Education course at The School of Visual Arts for Animation production, along with a sketch writing course at Upright Citizens Brigade. 

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